• The founding father

    • If the poor attract you, that alone is not enough. It is the desire to give yourself completely to God that must attract you, because only then will you respond effectively to the cry of the poor, of the poorest, and will you be willing to die for them. (Fr. Giovanni Salerno, msp)

    • A Catholic Movement at the service of the poor.

    • Four communities: Priests and Consecrated Missionary Brothers, Consecrated Missionary Sisters, Missionary Families, and Contemplative Missionaries.

    • Youngster!

    • Let yourself be surprised by Christ, dedicating your life to Him, at the service of the poor.

    • Missionary intention entrusted by the Holy Father

    • April: That persecuted Christians may feel the consoling presence of the Risen Lord and the solidarity of all the Church.

    • Missionary pledge of the month

    • April: During this month I will try to organise a missionary meeting in which one of the missionaries from the Movement of the Servants of the poor can participate, to let people know about their charism.

    • Appointments


  • Diaconal ordination - 11/04/2015 It is with great joy that I announce to you that our beloved Mexican seminarian, brother Rafael Santillán Rodríguez, will be ordained deacon on 11th April by the hands of the Archbishop of Cuzco, Mons. Richard Daniel Alarcón Urrutia, in the chapel in the City of Boy... [read more]
  • Upcoming Retreats 2015 - UK Dear friends! We warmly invite you to join in one of our retreats. We thought of a retreat which would be convenient for non-residential people, in order to minimize the costs, so that one can come both on Saturday and on Sunday at about 09:00, stay the whole day and le... [read more]
  • The story of Yesenia Velasque Cusi (The testimony of our Sister Maria Fatima msp) I would like to share this story with you, about somebody who has known, and knows, what suffering is, but who does not wallow in misery, but contrarily makes it into joy and peace because she knows that it is a sou... [read more]
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